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Amino acid > Tannin acid CAS 1401-55-4

    Tannin acid CAS 1401-55-4

    1. Alias: tannic acid, tannin, gallnut tannic acid
    2. Molecular formula and molecular weight: C76H52O46; 1701.18
    3. Traits: This product is light yellow to light brown powder, a special smell, taste very astringent, dissolved in water or ethanol, soluble in acetone, no solution in chloroform or ether.
    4. Specifications: Products meet the national standard GB5308-85.
    5 .. The main purpose: ⑴ This product is widely used in the extraction, the manufacture of acid ink, metal rust, oil drilling mud treatment agent and fabric printing and dyeing solid.
    6. Store in a closed container.
    7. Packing: wrapped in plastic woven bags, net weight is 25 kg per bag.