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产品 Details

Vitamin > Inositol


    Formula: C6H12O6
    M.W.: 180.16
    Description: White crystals or crystalline powder,easily soluble in water,slightly soluble in alcohol.
    Assay:98.0% min
    Loss on drying:0.5% max
    Residue on ignition:0.1% max
    Chloride:0.005% max
    Sulfate:0.006% max
    Heavy metals:0.002% max
    Lead:0.001% max
    Arsenic:0.0003% max
    Iron:0.0005% max
    Melting range:224-227
    Total plate count:1000g/ max
    Mould and yeast:M100g/ max
    Colon bacillus:absent
    Salmonella: Pr.25g absent
    The above specifications conform to NF12/FCC4.
    Uses: This product is one of Vitamin B complex and can facilitate cell metabolism and improve cytotrophy,to facilitate upgrowthincrease appetite and regain power,it also can be used in pharmaceutical industry to decrease bloody fat.
    Packing: 25kg fiber drums(10MT/FCL).