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Feed additives > D-BIOTIN 98%

    D-BIOTIN 98%

    Biotin (99%)

    Name: Biotin

    Chemical name: vitamin H;Coenzyme r.

    Molecular formula: C10H16N2O3S

    Molecular weight: 244.31

    Content: 99%

    Features and USES:

    One of the B vitamins.Colorless near-white crystalline powder.The melting point of 230 ~ 232 ℃.It is stable in air and heat, not easy to oxidize.In the case of strong alkali or oxidizing agent decomposition.1 g product soluble in 25 ℃ in about 5000 ml of water and about 1300 ml of ethanol.It is more soluble in hot water and dilute lye.Insoluble in other common organic solvents.It is mainly used as nutrient supplement.


    1. It is necessary to synthesize vitamin C.

    2. Biotin and vitamin B2, B6, A and nicotinic acid have complementary functions, which can keep skin healthy.